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A Top-Down shooting game based in Americas notorious schools. DO NOT ATTEMPT THE GAMEPLAY IN REAL LIFE!

Sneak in!


Use Vehicles!

What else you get:

- 10+ maps

- Sandbox mode

- Multiple endings

- Many Vehicles

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Tags2D, Comedy, Mystery, satire, Singleplayer, storygame, Top-Down, Top down shooter
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


Buy Now$17.00 USD or more

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fik du solgt mange kopier 

hey i have a good idea could you add like a cheat menu after you beat the game and you can replay all the levels with god mode on or something cool like that?

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Good idea. We might add that in the next comming days! Leave us a review if you bother :)

and i thought i had an original idea...

Big smoke on the go sounds crazy though!

that was just me experiencing with gb studio


Also, is it just one map or are there many? I'd love to have multiple maps possibly modeled after actual real world events, maybe a "reenactment" mode down the line. Sorry for flooding you with so many recommendations,  this could be something great and it's right up my alley. 

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Thanks for the recommendations. We might be adding some of the features you mention very soon :-) And yes there is 10 maps + sandbox mode.

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Would love to see bullet destruction decals, mags and shells/casings staying on the floor, improvements in gore and blood, and some sort of injury state/system for students where they can get shot and still be alive moving slowly and/or falling/crawling where you'd execute them. something along the lines of Hotline Miamis execution system. This was also used in the game Hatred, I'd love to see you source and develop a feature like this! Will def buy the game when stuff like that is available.


need this soo bad please continue to update and support it despite how esoteric and unsold it may be, literally amazing


demo pls?


need so bad

wish it was free, would love to play it.